To make a donation to ANY of the Marine Corps League Programs, please make your checks payable to Marine Corps League #910.
Pay by Check:

Donations can be mailed to:

Marine Corps League
Lock City Detachment

P.O. Box 2148
Stamford, CT   06906

The MCL has established the “Assistance Fund” created specifically for assisting wounded Marines, Marines Killed-In-Action and Marines deployed overseas.


We currently support Operation Gift Card where local Veteran organizations, including the Marine Corps League, visit our wounded troops in Washington D.C. and provide gift cards for them to use at the PX while recovering.


Many Connecticut area Marines have had to go through extensive rehab after sustaining severe injuries in Iraq. Our focus is to try and help support those Marines.


The MCL regularly stages fundraising events in support of this vital fund. To make a contribution, or for more information, contact Tim Leonard @ 203-246-5157.