Birthday 238th Message to all Marines, Semper Fi

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The Care Package Prorgram has been created to provide Marines with some of the small comforts of home.  The program is still on-going, and will continue as long as there are Marines deployed overseas.

The MCL is continuously accepting goods and funds to help support this program.  Contact John Rubino @ 203-329-9918 for donations and more information on care packages.


The MCL has established the “Assistance Fund” created specifically for assisting wounded Marines, Marines Killed-In-Action and Marines deployed overseas. Recent beneficiary of our efforts is Sgt. Jared Luce (pictured above) going through rehab after sustaining severe injuries in Iraq.


The MCL regularly stages fundraising events in support of this vital fund. To make a contribution, or for more information, contact Tim Leonard @ 203-246-5157.


Glenbrook Athletic Club
937 Hope Street 
Stamford, CT

3rd Wednesday of every month.

19:30 Hours.